“I See Miracles”

Even the most seasoned Saints are encompassed with the notion of being fearful of the unknown. As we deal with this untimely and unpredicted course of the Corona Virus, we must remain steadfast in the truth of God that He “will heal the land in which we reside if we as Believers would humble ourselves, pray and seek God” (2 Chronicles 7:14, NIV).

God is Present, Even in the Midst of the Corona Virus

Although we are faced with this very grievous pandemic experience, “I can still see the miracles of God before my eyes”. The miracles I am speaking of is the sudden reminders in my own life as my faith remains a sovereign cordial of comfort knowing God is omnipresent in every situation or circumstance, even in the midst of this horrific Corona Virus dilemma.

We are reminded in the book of Psalm, chapter 27:13 (NIV) where David was reminded of the omniscience of God and His ability to guide us out of our troubles and heartfelt concerns. David was assured that he possessed the most powerful attribute in who God is and what God is capable of.

We’ve Been Delivered by God’s Grace and Mercy

Our unmovable faith in the midst of trials keeps us hoping, praying, waiting and believing in the truth of God by being reminded of the miracles and goodness of God in the land of the living. As David articulated in Psalm, 27:13 (NIV), he communicated not only a continuance of the mercy and grace of God which he already possessed, but he would see and enjoy in this life the deliverance from any obstacles he is faced with simply because of the promise of God.

Faint not, But Be Inspired by God’s Presence

There is nothing so effectual to keep our souls from fainting under the calamities of this present time experience as believing in the hope of seeing the miracles of God come to past yet again. When we are reminded of the life of David, we must be encouraged to faint not, but be Inspired by the presence of God.

Desire to Want More of God

We must not become paralyzed by our fear but empowered by our faith while taking a Spiritual inventory and build an ongoing relationship with God. Our desire should be wanting more of God and to know Him by being in His presence. I see miracles all around, do you?

Terome and Ronda Fulmore

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