Core Values in Marriage

How amazing is it that God brought two different people together to model a marriage relationship whereas a husband and wife will walk out His purpose and plan. Who would of thought that God can use the core values in a man and the core values in a woman from their prospective backgrounds or culture to paint a vivid image of what Christ and the Church should look like in marriage?

Core Values Shape Perspective

The core values in marriage begins with our knowledge of what God desires from husband and wife as they work towards becoming one. In scripture, we can see that God commands us to “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33, NIV). In other words, one of the core values God is assuring believers (husbands and wives alike) is to fully TRUST Him by seeking Him first and foremost before anything else.

Trust and Honesty are Essential Values in Marriage

In order for a marriage to be successful, the core values of trust and honesty must be part of the foundation to build a lasting relationship that represents Christ. Although trust and honesty are essential for a lifelong covenant commitment, it will take time and patience to help establish a footing to build something special in marriage by two totally different people.

The core values in marriage are shared values that will enable husband and wife to contribute from two different perspectives. Besides trusting and being totally honest with one another, husband and wife will ultimately be shaped in how they love, communicate and respect one another. Their willingness to listen, compromise and share in a partnership will allow them to grow deeper together and in God.

God is the Foundation and Core of Marriage

God’s guiding principles for marriage will afford a husband or wife the ability to strengthen their core values to help shape their beliefs in His guiding principles. These principles and core values will lead a couple to fully commit to one another through the ups and downs, good and bad that will surely come through the trials of life. There are many core values to fulfill the call of marriage, God specifically designed the blueprint for marriage for a lifelong journey of becoming one.

Successful Couples Learn to Share Their Core Values

We all have areas of weaknesses and vulnerability that marriage will highlight at some point. Although trust and honesty takes time to establish and build in a relationship, it is also the essential building blocks for strengthening the foundation of a heathy and vibrant marriage. Successful married couples learn to weave the core values of their spouse into the relationship for a great return on their investment.   

THOUGHTS: Although all values below are important, please share two core values from the list below and why they are important to you in marriage. Please comment as we would love to hear your thoughts.

Faith, and why?

Trust, and why?

Honesty, and why?

Dependable, and why?

Loyal, and why?

Committed, and why?

Compassionate, and why?

Love Unconditionally, and why?

Respect, and why?

Consistency, and why?

“Effectiveness without values is a tool without a purpose” – Edward de Bono

Blessings to You, Terome & Ronda Fulmore

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  1. Faith & Unconditional love are 2 very important marital core values to me. Faith gives me the encouragement and ability to look beyond the present situation and believe that God has the situation under control if I’m willing to submit to Him. Unconditional love lets me press on through many marital trials without being judgmental or vindictive.


    1. That’s awesome Eric. You made great points in linking your faith and ability to demonstrate unconditional love because of Jesus. Our faith provides the assurance in the omiscience of God that He have the answers to lead us to be the best spouse we can be. Thanks for sharing your wonderful insights.
      – Terome


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