It was Good…Very Good

One of the most beautiful sight and depiction of creation was when “God saw everything that He made and said indeed it was very good” (Genesis 1:31). God’s creations from a singular perspective was seen as “good”, but from a plurality outlook, His creations were deemed “very good”.

Fulfilling the Call of Marriage

Everything God created was perfectly planned while at the same time looking at man and said that “it is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him” (Genesis 2:18). God emphasized man’s need for companionship, friendship and a woman who will help him fulfill the call of leveraging his inadequacies, deficiencies and strengthen his area of weaknesses.

Catapult Your Potential to Grow as Husband and Wife

In marriage, we were created to live out God’s purpose and plan together to glorify His name. Often times, couples do not understand the importance of shedding light in a loving way on our weaknesses. When we identify those vulnerable spots in our relationship, we will heighten our capabilities of catapulting our potential to grow as husband and wife. It is not good that man should be alone because of the need for honoring God in marriage to emulate Christ and the Church.

As we stand eagerly at the altar, preparing ourselves for a life-long journey together in marriage, we never assume that all kinds of hurdles and trials will test our relationship with one another and with God; but yet, it is still not good that man should be alone despite the challenges ahead.

Shaping and Cultivating a Meaningful Partnership

Like many of us in marriage, we intend to have exceptionally good marriages which we envisioned at some point in our lives. Like any relationship, exceptionally good marriage should be built strategically by seeking God first for wisdom, knowledge and understanding in order to learn how to coexist in becoming one.

God is the Designer, Architect and Builder

Marriage is a life-long process of becoming one which also highlights our weaknesses, accentuate our strengths while shaping and cultivating a meaningful partnership that reflects the image of Christ. Marriage…it is good, especially when both husband and wife allow God to be given complete control. Besides, God is the Designer, Architect and Builder who desire to help us fulfill the call of marriage. We agree with spiritual understanding that marriage is “Good…Very Good”, as long as we are being guided by God’s divine principles and disciplines. Stay Devoted!

QUESTION: How is God shaping your marriage to reflect His image? Please comment.

-Terome & Ronda Fulmore

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  1. Thank you both for these small bits of wisdom during this tumultuous time. Margaret and I have used this time to connect in so many ways, but the evil one has also been present at times and we can feel him trying to utilize this time to disconnect us at the same time. Reading these words and remembering the call God put on us when we first married and what he wants us to accomplish today is refreshing in so many ways. Thank you again. – Eric and Margaret


    1. Hello Eric & Margaret,
      We are blessed to be know you both and grateful that God linked us together.
      It times like these where God is reminding us to cherish one of His most precious relationship; marriage. It’s good that we are reminded to be aware of the tactics of Satan as he is proficient at stealing, killing and destroying God’s creation and plan if we allow it. God blessed us with the awesome call of marriage to represent Him in a very special way. Because we are called to marriage, we are also equipped to manage the obstacles it brings our way. Thanks for sharing those wonderful words family.


  2. Hello
    We are learning to be more patient, loving and kind to one another and to be an example to others.
    Cid n Terri


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