Building an Amazing Marriage

A great marriage isn’t the result of blind luck. It’s the result of two faithful hearts committed to building a life together” (Matthew L. Jacobson).

Have you ever thought about what it would take to build an amazing marriage? For me, I had no idea what marriage encompassed as it relates to the covenant of God and what was required of me.

God Will Still Empower Us with Tools

Like myself, most couples are oblivious to God’s covenant and instructions for marriage before or even after the “I Dos”. Even with our lack of knowledge regarding marriage, God will still empower us with the tools necessary to construct and build an amazing marriage when we seek His wisdom and guidance.

As we look at building an amazing marriage, we must keep in mind the most forgotten and powerful words that can be a game changer in which we committed to; and those words are- “I DO”. In a marriage relationship, what we “DO” each and every day is crucial in building something special in marriage that God will be proud of and He can use for His glory.

Build an Amazing Marriage to Glorify God

Husbands and wives who aspire to have amazing marriages often times see the good in their spouse before they realize it in themselves. By recognizing these wonderful attributes, a husband or wife will help their spouse to reach his or her full potential in marriage.

Since God is the Creator and Designer of the most profound human relationship, which is marriage, He has the blueprint for how to build an amazing marriage to glorify Himself for His purpose and plan for the relationship between husband and wife.

With God All Things are Possible; Build Wisely

In scripture, we are reminded in the book of Matthews as “Jesus looked at them and said, with man this impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). Since all things are possible with God including the things of marriage, we must be encouraged to build with love and patience. Couples who have amazing marriages understand that marriage is a life-long process of representing authentic relationship balance and compromise.

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open and Honest

Although there are many variables that, if taken whole-heartily can assist in building a solid  foundation in marriage. A few variables of this foundation are a spiritual connection with God and spouse, committing to the journey of marriage regardless of the season you are in, and keeping the lines of communication open and honest with one another.

Couples who share a sense of purpose build an amazing marriage by becoming an intricate part of the building process- God’s Process. “Build Wisely- Build Patiently- Build with God”.

Question/ ThoughtsWhat steps are you taking to build the marriage God desires for you and your spouse?

-Terome & Ronda Fulmore

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