The Power of Prayer in Marriage

One can never underestimate the power of prayer and how prayer can change the complexity of a situation or circumstance and bring about resolve in God’s timing. We are reminded in scripture that Jesus demonstrated the need for consistent and deliberate prayer which is needed in petitioning our request to God. All throughout scripture, we can see the power of prayer demonstrated in the nature of God as He encourages believers of His omniscience and faithfulness despite our current season of life, especially in a marriage.

Jesus Prayed in Gethsemane

The power of prayer was a pivotal point of opportunity of Jesus’ model for us to follow which was done in a quiet and reserved place. The special places where Jesus prayed allowed Him to isolate Himself to commune with the Father on a regular basis. Scripture states, “Then Jesus went with them to a place called Gethsemane, and he said to his disciples, Sit here, while I go over there and pray” (Matthew 26:36). In this model, Jesus demonstrated the need to pull away from our circle of influence and surroundings to commune with the Father.

What Our Prayer Life Should Look Like

As Jesus prayed in Gethsemane, this was an opportune time for Him to share His inner most feelings, thoughts, and emotions to God. From this depiction of what our prayer life should look like individually and together as a married couple, there are a couple facts to be reminded of.

Prayer is a Direct Communion with God

One, prayer is our direct, uninterrupted communion with God which affords us the opportunity to talk with Him on a one-on-one basis. There is nothing in the world that God loves more than having a relationship with those who confesses Him as Savior and Lord while at the same time wanting to talk to Him through prayer .

God Will Answer Prayers According to His Will

Secondly, prayer is seeking God with the faith and belief that He will answer our prayers according to His desire, timing and Will for our lives and marriage. The power of prayer is acknowledging God’s faithfulness in bringing resolution of a request to past. Often times, we can place ourselves in the disposition of wanting our prayers answered in our timing and not allowing God to work through us for spiritual growth, patience, long- suffering and perseverance.

Prayer in Marriage Allows for Vulnerability

Finally, in a marriage relationship, husband and wife who pray together increases their intimacy and vulnerability between God and themselves. The more couples pray on a consistent basis, the more empathy and patience we can store up for our spouse. In marriage, the power of prayer connects husband, wife, and God together for eternal rewards as it provides a deeper Spiritual unity in and through God. “The Power of Prayer Changes Outcomes.” Trust God.

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-Terome and Ronda Fulmore

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