The Power of Surrender

The Power of Surrender

The key element to having an incredible marriage starts with a husband and wife’s total surrender to the Almighty God . God is waiting patiently for us to stop relying on our own ability and decisions to reason as it relates to marriage disciplines.  When we elevate our own desires over what God has for us as couples, we tend not to surrender like we should. By surrendering to God, we put our hope and faith in Him alone. 

Surrendering Means to Allow God to Step in and Control

When we as husband and wife truly surrender, God reminds us of His character and promises as He directs us through the blueprint of marriage in which He designed. Through our surrendering, He changes us from the inside out so we as couples represents a depiction of His image. The areas in marriage where we are powerless, God steps in and performs miraculous miracles that will take our relationship to greater heights that are well beyond what we can ever think.

An Absolute Surrender to God is Necessary

God has the unique ability to offer key elements that will afford our marriages the opportunity to thrive beyond our greatest imagination. In marriage, when we feel incapable, God is able. When we feel discouraged, God provides encouragement. When we feel a sense of struggle, God wants us to surrender all to Him. Scripture tells us; “Then Jesus told his disciples, if anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (Matthew 16:24). In other words, Jesus wants us as husbands and wives to deny ourselves, die of ourselves and absolutely surrendering to His majesty.  

The Key Element in Marriage is Being Connected to God

The question on the table is, are we willing to die for the greater good for our spouse. I am more than sure every couple wants a thriving marriage but negates the fact that a total surrendering is key for spiritual advantage for marital growth. The key element in marriage is also having an intimate relationship and connection with God as He intended. In order for this special relationship to come to past as purposed, we must be willing to surrender our mind, body, and soul to the God.

Unconditional Love and Faith Along the Journey

A strong connection with God and our spouse often serves as a foundation upon which other important key elements for a strong marriage are built. Without question, the absolute essential key elements for any successful marriage relationship must be built on the foundation of God with the understanding that marriage requires unconditional love, faith along the journey, commitment, dedication, and trust. “Let us not forget, very hard work!” As we embark on this journey together as married couples, remember that your marriage will thrive when you surrender individually and together as a couple and allow God’s key elements for marriage to supersede your feelings or thoughts. Journey well!

Terome and Ronda Fulmore   

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