Make “Time for Time”

Making “Time for Time”

In the book of Ephesians, chapter 5, we will find Paul articulating through scripture the value and importance of “redeeming the time”. One may suggest that redeeming the time is buying back time we waisted in the past. Ironically, redeeming the time here represents what are we doing with the time God gave us – something we did not earn?

Redeem the Time by Being Aware

In marriage, a husband and wife are constantly in a tug-of-war, being pulled in many different directions. Despite the daily challenges and responsibilities, our time throughout the day escapes us – and the cycle repeats itself the days forthcoming. God’s desire for us as husband and wife is to redeem the time by being aware of how our time is being allocated in certain areas of our lives.

Making “time for time” is one of the most valued and precious assets we have. Before we go any further, we must first acknowledge our need to seek God for wisdom and knowledge on how to manage our time. Redeeming the time in marriage can be a lost treasure if it is not lived out according to God’s plan. Husband and wife must seize every opportunity to make “time for time” that will align with God’s purpose for marriage.

Create Shared Experiences Together as Couples

Making “time for time” seems like a simple concept, yet a lot harder than it appears. Do not allow distractions to hinder your desire and ability for making time for your spouse. One of the most fundamental ways of connecting with your husband or wife is to redeem the time to just talk. Talking in marriage will give each spouse the focused attention that is needed to sustain meaningful conversation about random things.

Couples who use their time wisely become more in-tune with one another by sharing intimate moments together. Intimate moments in marriage creates shared experiences as couples engage in activities where both husband and wife can enjoy together. These opportunities for building a strong and enjoyable marriage requires a deliberate intentionality to use the redeemed time wisely.

Prioritize Your Marriage and Friendship

As we make intentional steps to make “time for time”, one of the most thoughtful things we can do as couples is to be proactive in managing our time throughout the day. Making “time for time” in marriage requires five elements to afford your marriage the opportunity to thrive. The five elements are (1) spending time individually and together with God, (2) pray for one another daily, (3) make time to talk to your spouse, (4) redeem the time to date one another and (5) create special moments to connect physically. Creating time for your spouse demonstrates your willingness and faithfulness to prioritize your marriage and friendship. Make “time for time”.

Question: What are ways couples can redeem the time to make time for God and one another?

We get married because someone takes the time to make us feel like the most important person in their life. We stay Happily married for the same reason” – ngina otiende.

  God Bless You!

-Terome and Ronda Fulmore  

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