Facing Giants Together in Marriage

Before we said, “I Do,” we as dating couples have been experiencing the euphoric stage of blissful relationship. While seemingly, nothing can go wrong because of the relationship we have with one another as couples. As we enter the covenant of marriage between God and our spouse, we are encountered by relationship giants. Giants in this sense represents obstacles that hinders marital or relationship growth for working towards meaningful resolution and unity. These relationship giants are struggles that looms and prohibits the objective and works of Jesus Christ through our marriages as a representation of “Christ and the Church”.

The Journey Where Giants will be Along the Way

In marriage, each one of us as husband and wife are faced with some sort of relationship giant or obstacle that needs reviving, reinventing, rejuvenation or even readjusting. As couples who are a representation of Christ, we must remind ourselves of the love we have for Christ and the love we share with our spouse to assist us in working toward becoming one as we face giants together in marriage. Becoming one in marriage can be a daunting task, but God already prepared us for the journey where giants will be along the way.

It is our duty as husband and wife to help each other to be the best spouse we can be for one another by defeating the giants of not effectively communicating our thoughts or feelings, our emotions, or the thing that is causing us to be blinded by the root issues or concerns in our relationship with our spouse.

Experience the Fullness of God in the Battle

The giants or obstacles of marriage wants to steal, kill, and destroy the joy God desires for husband and wife to experience a covenantal relationship.

There is a familiar story in the bible of David and Goliath. “Goliath was a Philistine giant of a man that instilled terror in the hearts and minds of Saul and the Israelite Army. Often times in marriage, we are face with giants such as a Goliath which are marital breakdowns. Let us be reminded that God have the answers to all the giants we are constantly being remind of in our relationship. Just like David, he did not allow the size of the Goliath to detour him from facing the issue, David relied on the provision of God to help him resolve his issue” (1 Samuel 17). Like husband and wife, we must also rely on the promise of God to assist us in our struggles in marriage by seeking God together.  

Trust God with Undeniable Courage and Faith

In order to face giants together in marriage, husband and wife must establish a battle plan to defeat the root cause of relationship hindrance. Facing the giants in marriage requires God’s leadership and wisdom, consistency as husband and wife, perseverance during reconciliation, hope in the silver lining, faith in God’s promise and most importantly, a love that supersedes and covers past experiences or hurts through forgiveness. Like David, we must continue to trust God with undeniable courage and not lose heart when faced with relationship opposition.

Face Giants Together in Marriage

In order for husband and wife to face giants together in marriage, begin by asking God to help you fight this battle so your heart and marriage will reflect Him. Because God joined you together with your spouse, your marriage is definitely worth fighting for. Do not fight these battles alone or under your own power or might; fight the good fight with God and by using the tools He provided through His blueprint for marriage in scripture.

Remember, identify your relationship giants and “Face your Giants Together with God.” If David can do it, we can certainly do it as husband and wife together.

God Bless,

Terome and Ronda Fulmore

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    1. Thank you for your reply Dion. Despite the season of marriage we are all in, every relationship at some point will be faced with some sort of giant (obstacle). It’s our responsibility as we mature as couples to work together with God to eliminate giants as they arise. Blessings to you!


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