Prayer: Faith Above Feelings

Dear Heavenly Father,

We pray for husbands and wives today. Lord, since the Covid-19 entered our world and marital relationships, we have seen a spike in the breakdown of effective communication between husbands and wives. So often our failure to communicate fervently in marriage is a catalyst for relationship disruption or failure.

Lord we pray for better and more effective communication between husbands and wives as they hurdle the obstacles of marriage together as we keep our faith above our feelings. Lord may your Holy Spirit anoint each of us in marriage so that we respond to our spouse in the Spirit of love, grace, and kindness. May the tone of our voices represent the respect and compassionate care we have for each other.

Lord we also pray that our dialog would be appropriate for growing stronger in how we resolve issues in marriage by effectively communicating our emotion or thoughts in a loving fashion. So often Lord we reveal our frustrations in a non-verbal way which tend to create a platform for disengagement from our spouse. Lord we ask that You help us to be patient, understanding and give us wisdom as we have a desire to communicate with our spouses to glorify Your name. In the mighty name of Jesus, we pray, AMEN!

-Terome and Ronda Fulmore

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