Changing the Game of Marriage

Changing the Game of Marriage
Changing the game of marriage is in part of how we perceive the game of operating in oneness working towards the same goal. Are we perceiving the game of marriage through our own lens or are we perceiving it through the lens of God?
Deep Oneness can be Achieved in Marriage
Changing the game of marriage requires a deliberate plan for a good offense against a good defense. In order to navigate the hurdles of either offenses, couples must operate in the confines of deep oneness. Deep oneness can be achieved only where good communication exists.
Purposefully Driven to Operate in God’s Plan
Our goal here at Devoted Spouses is to inspire couples to play the game as it should be played as best as they possibly can. We are not equating marriage is a game but marriage itself require the disciplines of a game to accomplish the intended outcome designed by God.
As couples, we must challenge ourselves to be aware of the enemy’s plan to “steal, kill, and destroy” what God has joined together. This challenge requires husband and wife to prepare to defend their position in Christ as a couple whose mission is to be purposefully driven to operate in God’s plan for their relationship.
Couples Working Towards the Same Goal of Oneness
In preparation for walking out God’s blueprint for marriage, the Bible tells us to put on the whole armor of God to defend against the fiery darts of the enemy. The enemy’s desire is to destroy marriage and family by attacking the head of the family (the husband) followed by the weakest link within the family which gives him the win.
Changing the game of marriage must also be supplemented by walking together in harmony. Whenever we find two people who are continuously and harmoniously walking together in marriage, we will find couples who are working towards the same goals (oneness), operating under the same standards of becoming more like Christ as well as communing in agreement that God is the head and center of our marriages.
Embrace your Union, Communion, and Communication with God
Furthermore, Christ is the Head Coach who is teaching us how to win, even if the opponent is throwing everything at us. Christ designed the perfect blueprint for married couples to follow which begins with understanding the plays which is encompassed by roles and responsibilities. The game changer in marriage is the couple’s spiritual connection that is embraced by their union, communion, and communication with God and with one another.
Pray Continuously for your Husband or Wife
Finally, the development of genuine oneness can change the game or perception of marriage when God is at the center calling the plays. A marriage relationship calls for sovereignty and sacrifice which allows for changing the game for better not for worst. Pray continuously for your husband or wife and allow them room to fail forward by God’s wisdom and plan. God Bless!
Terome and Ronda Fulmore

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  1. Thanks guys ! This speaks volumes to me. As me and Christa struggle with the hurdles of marriage we certainly feel the darts of the enemy upon us. It’s the Lord’s love and grace that shields us at every turn. Much love !


    1. Chris, thanks for the reply back. We all are being faced with some sort of challenge or being threatened by firey darts. The goal is staying before God with our requests for wisdom on how to love one another for His purpose and plan. When we apply ourselves to the promises of God for marriage, we have the ability to not allow our issues in marriage to supersede our faith in the resolver (God).


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